baby blythe

d + r = baby b

Sometimes I forget…

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This is going to sound crazy to…well, everyone, but sometimes I forget I’m not pregnant. I know that I was “only” pregnant for 9 days (that I knew of anyway) but sometimes I find myself having thoughts that I had during my short pregnancy.

Whenever I get a headache, I remind myself that I cannot take Excedrin and only Tylenol…until I remember.

Whenever I want a second cup of coffee, I tell myself that I shouldn’t because of the baby…until I remember.

Whenever I have the urge to take a hot bath, I tell myself I can’t…until I remember.

Whenever I feel like having a glass of wine with dinner, I remind myself that I can’t…until I remember.

I also occasionally think about baby names and visit baby related websites.

It seems so crazy to me that I can temporarily forget when it also consumes so many of my thoughts. The mind acts in crazy ways, I guess.

So, here’s to tonight. I’m NOT pregnant, so I’m relaxing with a glass of wine as I wait for the husby to get home. And guess what? It’s not even dinner time yet. šŸ™‚


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