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Baby Bumpin!

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I’m not sure how other women feel with their first pregnancies, but I couldn’t WAIT for my belly to start showing. I examined my belly daily before getting in the shower, and pretty early on (probably around 8-9 weeks) I started noticing changes in my body (and belly)! Of course, these changes were so minimal that the normal person wouldn’t notice, and since we hadn’t announced our pregnancy yet, it was exciting to have the secret without anyone else knowing. At first I thought I was crazy to notice changes so early, but after reading a lot about it, I knew there was no “magic week” in which most women started showing. It depends on a variety of things, so I knew it was possible that I was “starting to show” so early.

I love my students; I really do, and I often was asked when “Mr. Blythe” and I were going to “make babies.” I usually laughed it off and told them it would happen eventually. I had one female student who was especially interested in the expansion of my family. She asked often, and towards the end of the year there were a few other female teachers pregnant, so one day she blurted out, “Mrs. Blythe, are you pregnant?” Of course, this caused absolute chaos, because she happened to be in my class with mostly girls–and when I say mostly girls, I mean that I had 24 girls and 4 boys.  At this time, I was about 7ish weeks pregnant, and I knew it was impossible that she made the guess based on my belly. I can’t imagine how my face looked, but I responded with, “Why? Do I look pregnant?” She said, “Well, no, but…” I said, “Well, then there’s your answer.” I turned my back on her and began writing on the white board again (mostly because I wanted to hide my face) but it felt weird/wrong to half-lie to them, because I WAS pregnant, and I wanted to share it with the whole world!

I knew I wanted to tell my students the news before the end of the school year, but the timing was slightly off. Originally, David and I promised we wouldn’t tell anyone (outside of family) until after the first trimester. However, the last week of school was my 11th week. I really wanted to tell my students–not to mention coworkers at school were starting to find out. Thus, David and I decided to start revealing the news slightly before the end of my first trimester. At 11 weeks, I felt like I was sporting a tiny baby bump, but it was not noticeable under clothing. When I revealed the news to my students, they were amazed that I was almost three months pregnant with my lack of a bump. I assured them that this was normal, but that I was sure to look different when school started again in August. Anyway, since my school runs on block scheduling. I did not get to tell all of my students on the same day. I knew that my “second day” students would likely have heard from their peers, but I still wanted to tell them the news myself. Their reactions were priceless and something that I’ll never forget. However, my “mostly girl” class was my favorite. This class happened to be my last class of the day and school year (I had decided to wait and tell them until the last two days of school.) By the time 4th block came around, everyone in the class already knew. During passing period, I ran to the restroom, and when I returned to my classroom, about half of the class was already in there. The scene I walked into was like something from a movie. Clusters of girls were positioned all around the classroom and they were smiling and giggling. If I didn’t know what it was all about, I would have thought that Justin Bieber was coming to CHS. However, I knew what all the commotion was about, and the moment I walked into the room, I was bombarded and questioned. It felt great that they cared so much. It truly was a special feeling. The particular student I mentioned earlier had actually already come to see me earlier in the day to confirm the rumor, but she ran up to me and said “So you were pregnant! I knew it! I knew it!” She was all smiles, and I couldn’t stop smiling either.

Anyway, this post has taken a different turn–my apologies–but back to the baby bump. I didn’t start to noticeably start showing until probably week 12 or so. At week 14, it was pretty noticeable (though some people still denied it), and David took the pictures below at the start of my 14th week. Baby, at the time, was the size of a lemon. Another tidbit: this was also the day of our 3rd wedding anniversary. FYI: The coloring is slightly off in some of the pictures because we took them at different times of the day.


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