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One thing many people told me early on was that I would receive a lot of advice (much of it unwarranted) throughout my pregnancy and parenting. I am a pretty patient person, and I did not think that the advice and comments would bother me, and most of the time it doesn’t. However, I feel the need to get out some frustrations. I apologize in advance if this post turns into a vent session.

  • If I’ve learned anything so far in my 16 weeks of pregnancy, it is that every woman’s pregnancy is different, and while many pregnancies may share many similarities, that does not mean that every woman who is/has ever been pregnant knows the thoughts, feelings, emotions, heartache, pains, and worries as every other woman who is/has been pregnant. This also goes for women trying to get pregnant. If you did not have a difficult time getting pregnant, you do not know what it is like to have difficulty getting pregnant.
  • Unless you have suffered the loss of a pregnancy, you also do not know how that feels. You can empathize and imagine what it may be like, but you do not know. Also, even if you have, your situation may have been different (see above.) My situation is mine, and my feelings of grief, health problems, and risks are also mine. Do not try to dismiss them just because you may have suffered something similar.
  • The way you do things is not necessarily the “right” way to do things. I appreciate your input and suggestions, but don’t push your personal decisions on to me. Just because we are choosing to not find out the gender, does not mean that we are “wrong” just because you chose to find out the gender.  This is our personal choice, if you don’t like it, keep it to yourself.

*I find it extremely important to say that if you have given me any sort of advice or if we have discussed my pregnancy, that does not mean that this post is directed towards you. This is a compilation of many different conversations between many different people. Also, do not be afraid to make further comments or make future inquiries about me and my pregnancy.


One thought on “Perspective

  1. Wow Rach. This is fantastic. I couldn’t help but cry while reading for the past 15 minutes. We all can’t wait for Baby Blythe and I couldn’t have asked for a better woman for my brother. Thank you for sharing…I love you so much.

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