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Almost Halfway There

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At 19 weeks (okay, almost 20!) I am SO close to hitting the halfway mark! Even though I still have 20 weeks to go, the past few months have gone by SO SLOWLY. Others have told me, “Oh, it’s going by so fast! I can’t believe you’re almost halfway!” But, to me, it seems like just yesterday that I was told to expect to miscarry for the second time. It feels like just yesterday when I was wondering when the bleeding would stop (by the way, it didn’t until I was close to 9 weeks pregnant.) And I remember the waiting–I was always waiting for something…waiting for the bleeding to stop, waiting for my next appointment/ultrasound, waiting to announce our news, waiting until I hit second trimester. Now, of course, I’m waiting for new things, but these last few months have been anything but quick.

Some random thoughts:

  • Baby B is moving like crazy lately, and I love it! I have been feeling short, small little movements the past few weeks, but on Monday, David was able to feel the baby for the first time from the outside. It’s such an amazing feeling, and while many have told me that later those punches, kicks, and jabs will not feel so good, every time I feel one now, my heart skips a beat. Yesterday, I had a particularly rough day for a variety of reasons, and every time I would get more worked up and stressed, baby would move, as if to say, “Hi, Mom! It’s okay!”
  • On Tuesday David and I went to Babies R Us to begin our registry. Even though I have spent countless hours researching, I still felt completely overwhelmed. It was fun, but we couldn’t help but to feel like we had no clue what we were doing. When we left, I felt beyond exhausted and was second guessing almost every item. I’ve since calmed down a little bit and have done some adding/deleting as well as started a second registry with Amazon (LOVE Amazon!) but regardless, it’s been quite the experience so far.  Side note: It’s hard to register for gender neutral items!
  • Pregnancy brain is real, not some made up thing. I can’t tell you how many times I start to do something only to forget what I’m doing. Even when I go to the store with a list, I forget half of my items. A few days ago I washed my hair with face wash (David thought that one was hilarious.) My summer school students have to constantly remind me what I’m saying, because I lose track midway through a sentence. And to think it will probably get worse in the weeks to come.

On another note, I’ve finally decided to share my blog. It seems silly that up until now I have kept it a secret, but I wasn’t ready, and now I think I am.


One thought on “Almost Halfway There

  1. Ok, so I will first start by saying WOW……We are so happy for you and David. I am so glad you shared this blog. I will not be giving any advice, because this experience is different for everyone. I can’t wait to continue to share your experience through your “blog”. May God bless all of you. We love you.

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