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All I want for Christmas…


I am officially about 8 hours away from my due date and I can’t help but to feel like Christmas Eve is going to come and go without the arrival of baby B. All I (we) want for Christmas is to have our baby boy or girl in our arms, but I feel pretty confident at this point that baby will make us wait a little bit longer to show his/her face.

To say that I have been anxious (and a little bit crazy)  is an extreme understatement; however, I have to admit that I’m coming to terms with the fact that our baby is probably going to be late. I feel better about it today than I have any other day this week, and if tomorrow comes and goes without the birth of baby B, then I’ll be okay. I’ve been having contractions on and off for a week and a half now, and I think baby just gets a kick out of having us go into panic mode for a short while. We actually went to the hospital yesterday because I hadn’t felt the baby move in several hours and our doctors always advised us not to take that lightly. Baby’s heartbeat was normal and everything seemed fine. I was having contractions while hooked up to the machines, but they were not regular enough or following enough of a pattern for them to keep me there. Thus, back home we went.

If nothing else, this baby has taught us an extremely important lesson: patience.

I’ve had approximately 14 million people text me, email me, call me, or facebook me asking me if baby B has arrived. It sucks having to say “Nope, baby is not here yet,” but I know people are just contacting me because they care. I’ve also had a lot of people who have told me “Hang in there! I know how you feel,” but to be honest, a lot of these people don’t actually know how I feel.  Unless a woman has gone past 39 weeks, I do not think she can really relate to how a woman in my position feels. I’m not trying to say that I belong to a special club–because trust me I’d rather not be a part of this group–but I think this is a situation that one really has to experience to know what it’s like (and I think any woman who has been in my position would agree.)  Yes, the tail end of pregnancy is difficult and cumbersome on a woman’s body, but I think the emotional aspect of having to anxiously await for a baby so close to the due date is worse.

During the 39th week of pregnancy, baby’s layers of fat are continuing to thicken (to help control body temperature after birth) and his/her lungs are still maturing as well. Thus, I’m thankful for these last few days that my baby has had (will have) in the womb. As my sister has told me “You can’t rush perfection.”

Until baby decides to come, we will wait (and try to be patient.) Everything is ready, including the nursery where he/she will eventually spend most of his/her nights. Pictures are below.

Thank you for your well wishes and kind words as we await the arrival of our little one. We truly appreciate all your thoughts and prayers!
















2 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas…

  1. I went one week past my due date and had to be induced with each child, so I do know how you feel as the big day approaches. As much as it sucks right now, you will forget all of it when you hold that wee bundle in your arms. Merry Christmas, no matter where Baby Blythe happens to celebrate it!

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