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Baby Poo and Cloth Diapers

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Yes, we are using cloth diapers. Yes, we wash them ourselves. No, it’s not difficult or disgusting.

Even before we got pregnant I knew that I wanted to cloth diaper. Whenever I would tell people this, I received far more negative feedback than positive. I received a lot of negative comments like “Well, good luck with THAT.” or “Let’s see how long that lasts. You’ll have more important things to worry about.” People assumed I was talking about the old school pre-folds with pins (not that there is anything wrong with those). However, cloth diapering is MUCH easier now than it was when we were babies. I only had one friend who had any experience with cloth diapering, and I picked her brain A LOT (Thanks, A!) while also conducting my own research, and I am happy to report that I am SO glad we decided to cloth diaper. As a new parent, I find myself questioning some of our parenting decisions on a daily basis–because, hey, we don’t know what we’re doing at all–but cloth diapering is not one I’ve second guessed in the slightest.

Reasons why cloth diapering is just plain awesome:

Reason #1:  It’s green!  The primary reason I wanted to cloth diaper was due to the environmental advantages.  I’m not a “green freak” or anything, but I am probably more green than the average person. I like to use eco-friendly products when possible, and I really REALLY like to recycle. I remember reading that it takes a disposable diaper 250-500 years to decompose.  Additionally, while the numbers vary, I read that on average, a baby will go through 4,702 diapers in the first two years of life. Think about how many babies we have in this world and how many diapers are filling up our landfills! It makes me feel good that I’m not contributing to that.

Reason #2: It’s cheap! Now, at first it doesn’t seem cheap at all. It definitely depends on the brand of diapers you choose and how many you buy, but we spent about $600-700 on our cloth diapers and other necessary materials, which, yes, at the time seemed like a ton of money. We use two different types of Bum Genius diapers which range from $18-$20ish a piece. I know that seems expensive, and I guess it is, but the average baby costs about $2500 to diaper for two years. This varies depending on the brand of disposable diaper, but either way the savings is significant. And, if we have more kids and continue to cloth diaper, that’s even MORE savings!

Reason #3: It’s easy to do and not that dirty. Notice that I did not say that it’s clean. People assume that if you cloth diaper and you wash them yourself that you must love dealing with baby poop and have nothing better to do with your time. If you have a baby, you are dealing with baby poop regardless of HOW you diaper. I promise you that I do not touch poop any more than the average mom who uses disposables. Now, when Porter’s poops start to become more solid, it will get a tad more difficult and maybe a bit more messy, but it won’t be that bad. And as far as washing goes, it literally takes ONE extra load of laundry every two days. With a baby, you do laundry constantly anyway, so it’s not really more laundry. The only thing that might be a tad annoying to some people is the “stuffing” of the diapers. This process is quick (few minutes tops) and can barely be called an additional chore.  Everything about cloth diapering is easy…REALLY! Even David says so. Also, we’ve NEVER had a poop blow out in our cloth diapers. We didn’t start cloth diapers until Porter was about 5 weeks old, and we had many blow outs in the various disposable diapers we used before we started cloth diapering.

Reason #4: It’s healthier. Babies who are cloth diapered have fewer diaper rashes. They also tend to potty train faster. Bonus!

Reason #5: They are so darn CUTE! See below. I may have gone a little overboard with the pictures. 🙂








Oh my word…look at that face!


His tush is pretty cute, too. 🙂


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