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5 Months

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I promised a 5 month (okay…5 1/2) update, so here it is!

First of all, there is NO WAY that 5 months out of the womb and 5 months in the womb are actually the same amount of time. I swear there is some magical fairy that must visit women in their sleep to change how quickly/slowly time passes. I cannot BELIEVE Porter is already 5 (and a half) months old. It has gone by so quickly and I remember feeling like my pregnancy was dragging on and on.

5 month collage

I remember several moms telling me that after giving birth you quickly forget all the pain and discomfort of pregnancy, labor, and delivery, and that is SO TRUE. I remember being in a LOT of pain, but if I tried, I couldn’t describe the pain now. I know for a fact that I felt the most pain I’ve ever felt in my life, but again, it almost seems like a dream and like none of that stuff even really happened to me.  I guess the joys of being a mommy make it really easy to forget all that pain.  Am I ready to do it all over again? No, not yet (sorry!) but eventually I know I’ll be saying “Let’s go! Sign me up!”

So…what’s going on with Porter?

Weight: Probably around 16-17 pounds.

Sleep:  He is a great sleeper. He sleeps about 11-12 hours at night and doesn’t often wake up in the middle of the night. He’s not as great of a napper, but we’re working on it!

Social: He LOVES people and is really good about being passed around (even people he doesn’t know well.) He smiles at EVERYONE, and he’s such a little charmer. David’s mom said that David was a charmer as a kid, too. He used to “flirt” with strangers and waitresses at restaurants. It seems Porter is following in Daddy’s footsteps…

Diet: Still breastfeeding (no solids yet, but soon!)

Clothes: He’s short, so he can still wear 3-6 month sleepers, but most of his shirts and onesies are 6 month. His pants and shorts are 6-9. He’s chunky, and his cloth diaper adds some bulk, too.

Likes: His pacifier, crunchy/crinkly books and toys, Maggie (and petting/touching her), Daddy playing peek-a-boo, his activity mat, playing with his toes, blowing “bubbles” aka drool, making lots of noises, ceiling fans, being thrown into the air, splashing in the bath tub

Milestones: He’s rolling over, but doesn’t do it often. He’s only rolled over from front to back, though. He can roll onto his side from his back, but never quite makes it all the way over to his stomach. He can sit up with support.

month 4-190Here’s me and Mr. Grumpy Man on Mother’s Day (he was a little over 4 months old here).

The rest of these pictures are from his 5 month “photo shoot.” I am so in love with our little boy!






One thought on “5 Months

  1. Oh man do I love this little boy too! He has brought so much joy into our lives. I love his chubby cheeks, the cooing noises he makes, his adorable smile, his toes….ok lets be honest. I love everything ounce of this child! Love you mommy!

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