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Nursery Decor: Children Inspire Design


When I was planning Porter’s nursery, one of my #1 goals was for it to be gender neutral. When I came upon this print from Children Inspire Design, I knew I had to have it.  Not only was it perfect, but with each print purchased, food was donated to children in need.

future-fortified-lowHere’s the print in the finished nursery!


Anyway, I checked my email a few minutes ago, and is offering some Children Inspire Design prints at a discount. I’m tempted to buy some more prints. Here are a few that are being offered. Sadly, the one in Porter’s nursery is not a featured deal.

51148_highres 51157_highres 51160_highres 51166_highresHurry! Deals on do not last long!


2 thoughts on “Nursery Decor: Children Inspire Design

  1. Love it! Porter’s nursery is so cute! Do you think that the “Good Morning Sunshine” Bird is gender neutral?! I love it!!

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